About Us

What's What is a public radio series and podcast of "curated conversations."  Instead of a professional public radio host, you get everyday folks who just happen to be great talkers -- hashing out their big ideas with experts of all stripes.
The show starts with nominations from our audience: first, take the best conversationalist amongst your acquaintances -- the person at the dinner party who everyone wants to sit near -- then ask them what big question is on their mind; and finally get them into a conversation with someone else who has something interesting to say on the topic.  Record it, edit it... and if it has that great conversation chemistry, then share it with the world!  That's what we do.
What's What is currently in pilot phase, so we want to hear from you.  Email paul (at) whatswhatradio dot com .
The series is produced in Providence, RI by Paul McCarthy.  Ben Mandelkern is associate producer.  Funding for the series came from the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities.  The theme music is from the band Javelin.