Juanita Brown wanted to go beyond the hype that President Obama's election marked "the end of history" in American race relations. How are Black and White Americans, in particular, experiencing race on a day by day basis since Obama's election? And how can we encourage honest conversations about race, without all the self-congratulation or finger pointing?

Juanita Brown

Juanita Brown is an artist based in San Francisco, CA. She grew up in K-town, a predominantly black and low-income neighborhood on the west side of Chicago, and went on to college at Stanford. Recently she worked as co-producer of the film Traces of the Trade, following the legacy of the DeWolf family, the largest slave trading family in US history.

Tricia Rose

Tricia Rose is a professor of Africana Studies at Brown University, originally from the Bronx, and is the author of numerous books and articles on hip-hop culture, black women's sexuality, and the politics of race in America, including most recently "Hip Hop Wars".