Perhaps Rick Benjamin was nominated to host the show because he has just has this unmistakable GLOW...perhaps it's because of the way this energy is embodied in his love of words, the way he LIVES poetry. Rick is in conversation here with a friend and hero, Ashley Bryan, an artist and writer who also has stanzas bouncing around in his head every day. Ashley is a renowned children's author and illustrator, but his art extends to many mediums, including the art of conversation -- as embodied here.

Host: Rick Benjamin

Rick is a poet, a father and a practicing Buddhist. He lives in Providence, RI, where he teaches a college class called "Poetry in Service to Schools and the Community." Rick seeks to circulate the wisdom found in poetry by sharing poems with the world.

Guest: Ashley Bryan

Ashley Bryan is a renowned author and illustrator of children's books, but his talents extend into many mediums of creativity.  Much of his work relates to the African-American experience, and to nature.  He is 87 years young.